2. Identifying Trends of Displacement in the Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County


Changes in property value and income over time can offer insight into patterns of displacement. Having examined changes in the Davidson population, we wanted to look more closely into changes in property value and income. We wanted to answer the question: how do changes in gross rent and median home value in Davidson compare to that of Mecklenburg?


Below, we show the changes of median income and property value in Davidson and Mecklenburg County from 2013-2018. We downloaded this data from Data USA, whose data is adapted from the U.S. census. We downloaded and used the Property Value data and the Median Household Income data from the Davidson, NC page and the Mecklenburg County page. Hover over a bar to see its value, and click on a category of the legend to focus on one feature of the graph.


In the graph above, we see that between 2013-2015, property values declined in both Davidson and Mecklenburg County. However, between 2016 - 2018 property values steadily increase for both Davidson and Mecklenburg county as a whole. From 2016-2018, the property values in Davidson increased by 10.97%, while the property values in Mecklenburg increased by 18.94%. In total, property values increased by 8% in Davidson and by 20.84% in Mecklenburg county as a whole. Because Davidson's increase in property value was lower than that of Mecklenburg county as a whole, this graph suggests that since 2013 Davidson as a whole has not experienced dramatic forced displacement. When it comes to median household income, we see that both Davidson and Mecklenburg County have experienced a steady increase between 2013 and 2018. Specifically, median household income in Davidson increased by a dramatic 44.51%, while median household income in Mecklenburg county increased by only 15.99%. Overall, because Davidson's median household income is consistently greater than the county median, it is safe to say that Davidson has not been eligible for gentrification in recent decades. However, it is still valuable to notice changes in income and property value because these features can hint to displacement that may be occurring in Davidson. The dramatic increase in household income in combination with the slower increase in property value in Davidson may suggest that property values will soon increase more dramatically in response to the wealthier population, which may result in displacement of Davidson's lower-income community-members. To learn about how changes the distribution of wealth in Davidson and Mecklenburg County have changed over time, head to our Distribution of Wealth Graph.