5. Mapping Household Income in Mecklenburg


After considering the change in income and property values over time in Mecklenburg County, a natural next question is: where specifically in the county are these changes occuring?


The visualization below helps to answer this question by identifying any geographic patterns in change income distribution throughout the county from 2013 through 2018. We downloaded this data from Data USA, which works with data from the U.S. census. More specifically, we downloaded the Mecklenburg County Income by Location data for each year, and combined this data into one spreadsheet in order to create the visualization below. The map is interactive and can be played to show the change in household income over time in each of the census tracts in Mecklenburg County. The visualization can also be paused at any point on a year of particular interest.



From this visualization we can confirm that over time, household income is rising in Mecklenburg county. This trend appears particularly clear in those census tracts further away from the center of the city, around the edge of the map. This begs the question, what are the demographics of the communities being affected by this trend? More specifically, are there populations who are being more heavily impacted by these shifts? We explore further in the next visualization about Migration Patterns..