3. Comparing Shares of Household Incomes in Davidson and Mecklenburg County


By comparing changes in the distribution of wealth in a neighborhood and in its larger encompassing region, it may be possible to discern patterns of migration due to displacement. Having explored changes in median household income, we wanted to focus on how the wealth in Davidson and Mecklenburg county is distributed. In the line graph below, we compare the changes in wealth distribution in Davidson and Mecklenberg County by graphing changes in the percent of the population occupying different annual income buckets, with the hopes of answering the question: how do changes in the distribution of household income over the past decade in Davidson compare to distribution of household income over the past decade in Mecklenburg county? Does this comparison offer insight into patterns of displacement?


The data for this visualization was downloaded from Data USA. We used both the Davidson and Mecklenburg pages, and downloaded the Household Income data for each year available (2013-2018). We combined all years as well as the data for Mecklenburg and Davidson all into one data spreadsheet to use for the visualization below. Users may interact with the graph by clicking on the legend and focusing on certain graph features.


This line graph shows that as the population occupying the wealthiest bucket in Davidson continues to quickly and steadily grow, Mecklenberg County as a whole is experiencing a different trend. The greater than $60,000 income bucket levels out and even begins to decline after 2016, while the $30,000-$59,000 income bucket grows. This may suggest that as wealthy households migrate to Davidson, the overall wealth distribution in Mecklenburg county as a whole is more strongly affected by different changes other neighborhoods. Knowing that changes in education level is an indicated of displacement, we were curious to learn about education levels in Davidson and its neighbors. To learn more, head to our Education Patterns Plots.